We walk around the planet four times in our lifetime. So, it is of little wonder why many people suffer with pain. As in architecture, if the foundation isn’t stable, the whole structure can suffer. Many conditions such as heel pain, arch discomfort, knee pain, and low back pain can all be attributed to the way your foot works. 

Custom orthotics are shoe inserts that support or correct the alignment of the foot to reduce stress and strain. Having poorly aligned feet can lead to improper force distribution and balance throughout the pelvis and spine.

High quality prescription orthotics are covered by many major medical/extended group insurance plans. Custom foot orthotics work in tandem with your existing footwear, offering the ultimate in support, fit, stability and comfort.

Dr. Randall offers a wide variety of prescription orthotics to suit your individual needs. Young or old, the addition of custom foot orthotics to chiropractic care can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your adjustments, as well as reducing many lower extremity aches and pains, and improve performance.