About Patty Oser

In 2001, Patty first experienced holistic energy healing when her daughter was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. They were referred to Larry Steel, a healer who practices a technique called Biocomputer Operating System® (BOS). After six months of working with Larry, her daughter’s red blood cell count returned to a normal level. Intrigued, Patty wanted to learn more and began her studies in holistic energy practices and became certified in Medical Intuition, Biocomputer Operating System, Therapeutic Touch™, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki and Channelling.

Patty’s background as a dental assistant for 18 years has complemented her work as a Holistic Energy Practitioner. She also operated a bed and breakfast on Manitoulin Island and continued to offer her holistic energy balancing work to guests and island residents for several years.


She enjoys being in the healthcare profession and is engaged in her client’s health and well-being. Each session is thoroughly explained to you and she will happily answer any questions you may have. The energy work, offered by Patty, is a journey along your healing process. Energy work is is an opportunity to invest in yourself and learn how to feel safe and in control of what you are experiencing in life, despite its challenges.

Come explore the “Pathway to Peace” within yourself.

About Mary Vivilecchia

Mary is the founder and owner of Yoga City Mississauga, White Light Wellness Centre, and Divine Creations (Gem Jewelry). She is a registered Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Angelic Reiki Master and she is a certified consultant of Feng Shui. Mary continues to grow her spiritual and physical practice so she may be of more service and the conduit of Universal Life Force Energy.

Mary is committed to spreading the gift of yoga and Reiki/Crystal and Angel healing to help others discover or reclaim their vitality for life and find peace in the mind, body and spirit. She knows that being able to spread love, light and kindness starts with fostering a healthy relationship with the Self. Mary provides a sacred space for healing so that people may discover their true calling and share their light with the world.